Reasons why Prepaid Cards can help You manage Your Finance Better

Financial management was a subject that was never taught in school and can be a nightmare for many people. There are way too many temptations to spend, there’s always the newest model cell phone, newest model car and big ticket items like renovating or buying a house. However, there is a way for you to stay in control of your funds, by opting to use a prepaid card. Here are several reasons why prepaid cards can help you manage your finances better:


No Credit Checks

If you have applied for a credit card and the application has been declined, the last thing you should do is keep applying for a credit card. Further credit card applications can potentially damage your credit rating even more. And since credit checks are not involved in applying for a prepaid account, this mitigates that risk away. [Continue reading]

Build Up Your Pantry in a Pinch – Even if Payday Is Weeks Away

get a loan uk

Building up your collection of food isn't just a good thing to do; it's the smart thing to do. If you think about it from the right perspective, it makes sense to have plenty of food on hand just in case you can't get out to a store. What if there … [Continue reading]

Need Money Urgently? – Get a Payday Loan

payday loan

It’s a very common scenario in recent years – you could be in a full-time job, working every hour that you possibly can, but payday comes around and you simply don’t have enough money to pay all of your essential bills again. It’s frustrating and can … [Continue reading]

Is Borrowing From My 401K A Good Idea

Borrowing From 401K

The economy all over the world right now is a tight one. People are always looking for different ways to get extra cash and often times they need the extra cash quickly. This is where borrowing from your 401K plans might come in handy. Some will say … [Continue reading]

Will People Use Short Term Loans to get iPhone 6?

Apple is renowned for having a cult following, with a wealth of fans worldwide that will do almost anything to get their hands on the latest Apple products. September is set to be no different as the launch of the iPhone 6 approaches. Rumours … [Continue reading]

What Are Payday Loans?


What Are Payday Loans? - Well, just that in fact, a payday loan is a short term loan or payday advance  repayable in full on your next payday. They are not long term sources of finance and are generally offered to people who for one reason or … [Continue reading]

It’s That Time of Year – Could a Payday Loan Help Get You Through a Few Things

Payday Loan

When money gets tight in the summer, it feels like there are a lot of alternatives out there waiting for you. If the utilities get shut off in the summer, things are just a little uncomfortable. The house doesn't really grind to a halt. When winter … [Continue reading]

Can Students Really Get Payday Loans

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People think that life's uncertainty only applies to them and their problems. Little do they realize that life is uncertain for everyone. So while some might be surprised that students are asking whether or not they can really get a payday loan, … [Continue reading]

Summer Fun Can Be Had with Rapid Payday Loans

Rapid Payday Loans

Look, let's get honest here. Yes, right now. If you're fighting a financial emergency, chances are good that you don’t care how nice of a day it is outside. You're thinking about all of the terrible things going on in your life because your finances … [Continue reading]

More People Turning to Payday Loans While Taking Care of Sick Family

Turning to Payday Loans

The media is at it again. The trend is clear that people reach out for financing to get by when the economy is a bit rougher than usual. But the truth is that a lot of people are embracing payday loans because they're easy to get. Instead of trying … [Continue reading]