Are all Payday Loans bad?

Payday loans have had a very bad press. Many people complain about how expensive they are, especially if they do not get paid back on time.

A payday loan is for people with a bad credit rating. It allows them to borrow money for a few weeks until they get paid and then they pay it back. They are expensive because the loan is a big risk. Obviously someone with a poor credit rating is seen as a risk to lenders. Some lenders will not even allow them to have any money at all because they consider themselves to be so risky. This is why the payday loans companies charge so much. They need to make a large profit to cover them for those people that do not pay.

If you do not pay the loan back then they will increase their fees and rates. This can make the loan become extremely expensive and this is what has given them such a bad press. It is therefore very important that you only borrow money using a payday loan, if you are confident that you will be able to pay it back.

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The cost of the loans as well as the costs if you do not pay them back on time, will vary between providers. This means that it is important to do your research and compare them to make sure that you have the cheapest one.

Some people still think that payday loans are bad. They think that they take advantage of people who already have financial problems. However, if you are on a credit black list and need money in an emergency, then there could be no where else to turn. You could end up having utilities switched off, being thrown out of your house or starving without the money and so it could be the only way that you can manage. If there are cheaper ways to borrow money available, then these would obviously be preferable but this could be the only way.

It would be great if people could all borrow money at very low costs. However, companies have to make a profit and so if someone is a high risk, then they will want to make sure that they can cover their costs and make a profit. It could be better for that person not to borrow at all, but sometimes there are situations where money is desperately needed and there is no other way. Then the payday loan service can be very welcome.