Reasons why investing in a personal computer actually saves you money

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It’s never been cheaper than right now to get your hands on a decent machine. With the release of the chromebook it’s now possible for basically everyone in any income bracket to afford a computer capable of browsing the great wide web. These entry level machines can often be a great way to introduce the young and elderly to new computer technology – but if they’re still on the fence about how awesome a personal computer can be then let them read this post.! For the cost of a monthly internet connection (which you can get for a very reasonable price these days) there are countless opportunities for you to utilise your PC to save money you’d otherwise be throwing down the drain, check out the money saving ideas below:

Talk to people over web cam anywhere in the world for free.

Google search a program known as ‘Skype’ and proceed to enjoy free video phone calls to your friends and loved ones who are also using Skype. It’s free to download for private use – and the costs are pretty reasonable if you intend to use it for large commercial communications too. This option becomes a massive money saver if you happen to have a network of contacts you like to keep in contact with all over the world as it remains free to call your friends regardless of whether they live down the road from you or on the other side of the globe.

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Free messages to mobile phones.

Continuing the theme of free communication – there are hundreds of websites strewn across the web that provide you with a free service to contact mobile phones with text messages. All you have to do is type in your message with your keyboard and enter the number of the phone you wish to contact. This is particularly handy for keeping in contact with friends and family who do not own / are not near their own personal computer.

Virtually limitless entertainment.

Millions of websites are designed simply to entertain you for free. This can take the form of free to play games, free videos, films and TV shows to watch and of course huge forums and resources for you to converse with other people and learn about anything and everything you desire. We have never been more connected to such a vast amount of information – the possibilities for enriching your mind are endless!

The PC is a tool to actually make money with!

Sure the PC grants you access to the internet which can save you money in the ways we’ve looked at above. But you can take this to the next level and actually use your PC to start earning some money online from the comfort of your armchair! There are many freelance websites where you can easily advertise yourself as anything you want – proof reader, copywriter and graphic designer are all pretty common examples of freelancer positions but the potential expands far beyond these roles. The key is to offer something you can do excellently at a professional level. Make it interesting and make yourself accessible and eager to work – you will soon find your reputation and trustworthiness growing and with it the amount of work you’re winning from clients!