Five changes you can make to your office that will save you money

Home improvements are a great way to add value to your house, and if you make the right improvements with care and use quality products you can set yourself up to make serious savings on the running costs of your home for the rest of its life. Employ the 4 improvements outlined below to make your home instantly more economical.

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Place photovoltaic panels on the roof .

You might think you need to live close to the equator to get any real benefit from this technology, but thanks to modern improvements in the design you can get significant solar gains from the overall sunlight provided during even an overcast day. Depending on how much space you have available you can make a larger initial investment to cover your entire roof and even surrounding land in these panels to generate a serious amount of electricity -this can be sold back to the grid and becomes an autopilot money maker for you every day of the year.

Integrate allotment space into your office.

Even if you haven’t got a large corporate garden to turn in to your own miniature farm you can get creative with your existing space to begin a home grown grown organic vegetable project. Some forward planning with your planting cycle and picking a few strategic sun spots in your house can result in an impressive annual yield from your modest plots for your lunch, at a considerably less cost than what you’ll find  in the supermarkets.

Improve your loft, wall and window insulation.

There are many private companies who will come to your office building and examine it’s current thermal performance. They will then provide recommendations for the most efficient way to add insulation and / or new higher grade windows to your house to make it more thermally efficient. It’s also often possible to receive a grant from the government if you are spending the money on improving the ‘U value’ rating of your property due to the long term beneficial relief this provides to the current energy demand.

Install a grey water collection system.

This is particularly useful if you live in a part of the world that applies water charges, suffers from droughts or some form of water restrictions, however it’s a useful feature for any building regardless of location. They are simple to install and provide you with your own personal reservoir that you can use for a multitude of tasks from flushing the toilet to watering your office plants.

Reorganise your furniture and interior decorating to maximise natural light.

People often underestimate the effect their interior decoration can have on the efficiency of a window. Obstructive furniture can severely limit the level of light reaching into your work spaces, while dark paint colours and carpet create poor reflective surfaces limiting the light’s ability to bounce further into the room. The result is usually relying on artificial light which not only costs you money but also doesn’t provide any of the vitamin D enriching benefit of normal sunlight. Re-examining your primary working spaces from a ‘light efficiency’ perspective will allow you to make some strategic interior amendments that will end up reducing your electricity bill in the long run.