Will People Use Short Term Loans to get iPhone 6?

Apple is renowned for having a cult following, with a wealth of fans worldwide that will do almost anything to get their hands on the latest Apple products.

September is set to be no different as the launch of the iPhone 6 approaches. Rumours state that the iPhone 6 will be released on September 9th. Apple has sent out invitations to media companies to attend an event in Califoria next week, where the release is expected.

There are no shortages of the rumours of new iPhone products. On September 9th the event which would usually have been hosted by the late Steve Jobs, who steered Apple to its cult status today will take place. It was originally expected that the iPhone would be announced along with other apple products including a new iPad mini. It is now believed that the iPad mini will be announced in a separate October event. IOS8 is also expected to be released with the new iPhone, and to also be available for newer iPhone and iPad devices.

Lots of people rush to get the new products as soon as they can, with many turning to credit cards and any other means of finance to get them. With the accessibility of short term loans being much wider nowadays in the wake of the rise in popularity of payday loans, many people could be tempted to use these as a means to get hold of a new phone.

If you are savvy, and not intent on having the latest iPhone now is a great time to get fantastic deals on the older, soon to be replaced iPhone 5. Doing this may leave not actually needing to borrow any money at all!